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As Yogi Berra could have said: “90% of good planning is communications – the rest is talking to each other.” There is often a fundamental difference in the way business and technology people go about solving problems. Technologists are trained to break things into component pieces and solve problems by putting together one piece at a time. The business side tends to be more holistic: the big picture is important and often the details can hide more messy truths. Of course, both are right and the challenge is to provide for a path that gets to the best outcome possible.

QERT© knows how to do this in an efficient and effective way. The following descriptions and examples may help explain how.

Medical Technology Investment. Emerging remote, sensing and the ability to manage big data have created huge opportunities in providing better healthcare. Government funding and changing incentives have helped fuel enormous interest in investing in this space. However, the complexity of reimbursement models, combined with the regulatory landscape make investment in this space especially challenging.

QERT© has deep knowledge of this environment. We have worked with innovators, governmental agencies and investors to maximize success.. Below are examples of how we have operated.

  • Working with developers and innovators we helped refine technologies to be both effective and marketable.
  • Working with government agencies we helped develop better understanding of evidence and value in new medical technologies.
  • Working with early stage investors we developed proven ways of understanding how to maximize return.

Alignment means that there is a mutual understanding of the business challenges, the possible solutions and the processes involved. It is based on a shared commitment to move the enterprise ahead as a partnership.

QERT© has a proven method to develop an environment where alignment is the norm. We create a climate of collaboration. Below are examples of how we created alignment.

  • Working with specific business units we planned, marketed and developed new systems aimed at increasing efficiencies, streamlining business process putting client in control. This resulted in fewer errors, faster throughput and greater customer satisfaction.
  • Developed and implemented a model of business embedded technology staff, providing greater understanding both of technology and business imperatives. Embedded technologists learn to think business and can quickly bring workable solutions where they can have impact.

Strategic Planning: Solving a problem in a vacuum, even when successful, is usually not extensible. Innovation and long term efficiencies come from a balanced visionary and actionable plan. Strategic planning must include an understanding of the people, cultures and aspirations, as well as the internal and external drivers.

QERT© has analyzed and developed actionable and applicable strategic and tactical plans that help develop the right workforce, working on the right issues in a sustainable fashion.

  • Understanding current and future business needs, we developed and implemented a new electronic information strategy aimed at moving the organization from a linear, paper-centric operation to a more nimble organization. Reduced costs, increased time to delivery.
  • Using a strategic framework, rebuilt a dispirited organization into an effective, responsive and valued partner for the enterprise.
  • Developed and implemented an inclusive and appreciated strategic and tactical planning process

Solutions Planning: New technologies have become the norm. Understanding the near technologies that are emmerging and planning for how solutions evolve from both internal and external drivers is critical for success.

QERT© has expertise in understanding the technology landscape as it relates to real-world needs and has a history of nimble solutions that adapt to the demands of a dynamic and changing business environment.

  • Planned, developed and implemented new modular applications system to manage the organization’s core business processes, allowing for both short term gains and longer term flexibility.
  • Developed innovative methodologies and programs in data mining that reduced time to decision and time to market.

Project Planning: Successful implementations are maximized when an implementation project is well designed. This involves having the right plan, the right team, the right measurements and the right communications plan all together with a thoughtful design.

QERT© knows how to design a plan in a way that builds to a successful implementation. We understand that the metric for success is business impact.

  • When it came time to replace an obsolete but highly customized application we developed a plan that considered the market, the way people worked, the way they would like to work – we engaged the practitioners to help both the choices and the transition.
  • Implemented an innovative mix of internal and external cloud solutions by bringing together a team of stakeholders to work through the mixture a perception and actual value.
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