AlSharBWAlbert O. Shar, Ph.D., is managing principal at QERT© and finds practical solutions to today’s real world problems. A staggering number of technology projects fail and larger projects are more likely to fail than others. Shar is an expert on avoiding these failures.

In business technology, failures are almost always due to inadequate alignment, planning and execution. Shar has a history of implementing successful technologies in health care, health technology, pharmaceuticals, higher education and the not-for-profit sectors.

On the health front Shar, has a vision of a future in which we all have more control over our health care decisions – one in which patients see themselves not only as partnering with their doctors, but as the ultimate drivers of their health outcomes. The way to reach this goal, Shar believes, is to ensure that patients and clinicians have access to useful data and tools so they are able to make informed choices.

Previously, Shar was the first vice president of information technology at the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and served as a senior program officer for the Pioneer Group, which seeks innovative projects that catalyze fundamental breakthroughs in health and health care Before joining the Foundation, Shar was director for Information Technology Research and Architecture at the R.W. Johnson Pharmaceutical Institute, a Johnson & Johnson company, where he developed innovative ways to use IT to improve the drug discovery and development process. Prior to that, Shar held the positions of director of technology services, University of Pennsylvania Health System, and executive director and CIO, University of Pennsylvania School of Medicine.

Academically, Shar has held research and teaching professorships at:

  • University of Pennsylvania (Pharmacology and Gastroenterology)
  • University of New Hampshire (Mathematics and Computer Science)
  • Swiss Federal Polytechnic Institute (Research Institute for Mathematics)
  • University of Colorado (Pure and Applied Mathematics)

Shar is the author of more than 50 scholarly publications in medical informatics, computer science, and pure and applied mathematics. Most recently his research has focused on medical imaging (for which he was awarded a patent (#7,011,625) for the accurate visualization and measurement of endoscopic images) and emerging medical technologies.

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