QERT: The right technologies done right

When the right technology is correctly applied to the right problem, the results are amazing. Operations improve and processes become more efficient. Things just work right. The right solution usually reveals opportunities for additional, more impactful improvements and even helps provide a road-map to achieving them.

Unfortunately, this situation is rare. It is a fact that most technology projects fail and that larger, strategic projects fail more often. This is usually due to a number of factors.

  • There is a lack of business and technology alignment and expectations.
  • An actionable and shared strategic framework is missing.
  • The solution and solution space was inadequately analysed.
  • The project plan was incompletely developed and executed.

QERT© is driven by a passion to avoid technology failures. We have over 30 years experience in developing, fostering and implementing solutions that move businesses forward and allows them to gain competitive advantage. We have special expertise in evaluating and implementing new and near technologies.

Most recently QERT© has focused on providing support and advice to organizations who develop and invest in emerging medical technologies. The unique mix of opportunities and complexity of the reimbursement processes make this an especially challenging space.

While we have domain-specific experience in health care, health technology, pharmaceuticals, higher education and the not-for-profit sectors, these techniques apply to multiple industries.